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Targeting Hip Flexor Pain with JANMI’s Expert Neuromuscular Techniques

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Dear Friends,

I’m Paulius Jurasius, founder of JANMI. Today, let’s delve into a common but often overlooked issue—hip flexor pain—and how our specialized neuromuscular techniques provide relief and promote healing.

Understanding Hip Flexor Pain

Hip flexor pain is typically felt in the front part of the hip and can radiate to the thigh, often exacerbated by prolonged sitting or intense activity. It is commonly experienced by athletes, active individuals, and those with sedentary lifestyles alike.

The Role of Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy is a comprehensive approach that combines manual techniques and functional exercises to address muscle imbalances and nerve compression that contribute to pain and dysfunction. At JANMI, we are committed to offering the best neuromuscular therapy in London, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

JANMI’s Techniques for Hip Flexor Pain

Our approach involves several key techniques that target the hip flexors directly:

1. Myofascial Release

We apply gentle, sustained pressure to the soft tissues around the hip flexors, easing tension and improving elasticity. This technique is crucial for restoring mobility and alleviating pain.

2. Trigger Point Therapy

Our expert neuromuscular therapists identify and treat trigger points in the hip flexors that are often the source of pain. This targeted approach helps to relieve the direct and referred pain.

3. Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

We use METs to strengthen and stretch the hip flexors, correcting imbalances and enhancing overall function. These exercises are tailored to individual needs, ensuring optimal recovery.

Why Choose JANMI?

- Expert Neuromuscular Therapists: Our team is highly trained and experienced, dedicated to providing the highest standard of care.

- Personalized Treatment Plans: Every session is tailored to address your specific pain points and mobility issues.

- Holistic Approach: We consider all aspects of your health and lifestyle in our treatment plans, ensuring comprehensive care.

The JANMI Promise

At JANMI, your health and mobility are our top priorities. We promise to provide not only relief from your current discomfort but also strategies to prevent future pain. We empower you with the knowledge and tools to maintain your newfound freedom of movement.


If you’re struggling with hip flexor pain, don’t wait to seek help. Our expert neuromuscular therapy in London is designed to offer not just temporary relief but a pathway to long-term health and comfort. Let us help you move freely and live fully.

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