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Embrace the Natural Wisdom of Animal and Plant Movements

Updated: Aug 7, 2023


At JANMI, we understand that true healing extends beyond manual therapy techniques. That's why we have developed the BiotaMorph Exercise Protocol™, an exclusive exercise regimen designed to elevate the skills and well-being of our dedicated therapists. This transformative protocol serves as a crucial tool for therapists to stay at the top of their game, honing their therapeutic senses, and preparing themselves to deliver exceptional healing experiences to their patients.

Through dedicated study and observation of animal and plant movements, our therapists have tapped into the secrets of natural grace and agility. They have meticulously curated a diverse library of unique exercises that embody these organic movements. By regularly practicing these exercises, therapists sharpen their own physical and mental capabilities, enhancing their therapeutic skills and deepening their connection with the human body.

The BiotaMorph Exercise Protocol™ acts as a comprehensive training program for JANMI therapists, enabling them to maintain peak performance and cultivate a heightened understanding of the body's potential. By integrating these exercises into their daily practice, therapists refine their proprioceptive abilities, fine-tune their manual manipulation techniques, and expand their repertoire of therapeutic interventions.

However the benefits don't stop there. This exercise protocol holds immense value for training and educating other practitioners and patients as well. It serves as a rich resource for enhancing the knowledge and skills of therapists worldwide, empowering them to deliver superior care and achieve remarkable outcomes for their patients.

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