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Paulius Jurasius is a skilled physical therapist who runs his own successful business in Marylebone, London. Before moving to the city 12 years ago, Paulius had a varied career path. He owned an organic product shop, worked in sales, and even taught at a secondary school.


Despite these diverse roles, Paulius always had a passion for outdoor fitness and a fascination with human anatomy and physiology.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Paulius also had an interest in writing and even considered dedicating his life to priesthood. However, his passion for helping others led him to the field of physical therapy, where he has excelled for the past decade.

With his extensive knowledge of the human body and his dedication to improving his clients' physical well-being, Paulius has built a thriving business in Marylebone. He is highly respected in the community for his professionalism and his ability to help his clients achieve their goals.

He holds the following qualifications in the UK: ​

  • Certificate in Level 3 ITEC Sports Massage and Holistic Massage from CALAT in London (2012)

  • Diploma in Level 5 BTEC Soft Tissue Therapy from London School of Sports Massage (2014)

  • Certificate in Level 3 Personal Training from Anglia Ruskin University - Canary Wharf (2016)

  • Certificate in Level 4 Functional Rehabilitation After Stroke from Middlesex University (2017)

  • Level 3 Award in Education & Training in AET from The Teacher Trainer LTD (June 2020 to November 2020).

Paulius is a fully registered Soft Tissue Therapist in the UK with membership number 6759 at the Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists, and a registered Personal Trainer with membership number 31329 at the National Register of Personal Trainers in the UK. 

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