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Tight Soleus Muscles Post-Marathon

JANMI therapist treats patient's lower leg

Completing a marathon is an admirable feat that tests the limits of human endurance and resilience. However, this demanding physical challenge often leaves runners with tight muscles, particularly the soleus muscle located in the lower calf. In response to this common ailment, JANMI Myofascial Release Therapy in Marylebone, London offers a specialized treatment that addresses the deep-seated tensions within the myofascial tissues of marathon runners.

Understanding Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a therapeutic technique focused on alleviating tension and pain in the connective tissues, or fascia, that surround muscles, bones, and organs. When these tissues become stiff or inflamed, they can lead to discomfort and restricted mobility. JANMI Myofascial Release Therapy is renowned for its efficacy in treating these issues, making it a go-to solution for athletes, particularly marathon runners experiencing post-race discomfort.

Benefits of JANMI Myofascial Release Therapy for Marathon Runners

Marathon runners often suffer from a tight soleus muscle, which can significantly impede their recovery and performance. The benefits of opting for JANMI Myofascial Release Therapy include:

1. Enhanced Muscle Recovery: The therapy helps in relaxing and stretching the tight fascia, promoting faster recovery of the soleus muscle.

2. Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion: Regular sessions can lead to increased joint mobility and decreased risk of future injuries.

3. Pain Reduction: It effectively reduces the pain that often accompanies tight muscles after prolonged activities like a marathon.

4. Optimal Blood Circulation: The treatment enhances blood flow, which is crucial for the healing of tissues and the removal of metabolic waste.

Key Facts About JANMI Myofascial Release Therapy

- Tailored Treatments: Each session at JANMI is customized to meet the individual needs of marathon runners, focusing on their specific areas of tension and discomfort.

- Expert Practitioners: Our therapists are not only certified but also have extensive experience in treating athletes, particularly those specializing in endurance sports.

- Strategic Location: Located in Marylebone, JANMI is easily accessible to both local and visiting marathon runners seeking professional myofascial release in London.

Why Choose JANMI for Myofascial Release in London?

Choosing JANMI Myofascial Release Therapy means opting for a leader in modern well-being. Here’s why JANMI stands out as the best myofascial release therapy provider:

- Holistic Approach: We integrate myofascial release with a holistic understanding of body mechanics, derived from our foundational principles in the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit.

- Personalized Care: Our therapy sessions are tailored to address the unique physiological and biomechanical needs of each runner, ensuring targeted and effective treatment.

- Commitment to Excellence: At JANMI, we are dedicated to continual improvement and innovation in therapies to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.


For marathon runners struggling with a tight soleus muscle, JANMI Myofascial Release Therapy in Marylebone is the definitive choice. Our expertly tailored treatments, combined with a profound understanding of the myofascial system, ensure that athletes can return to their training regimes with renewed vigour and less discomfort. Trust JANMI to be your partner in achieving optimal physical health and enhancing your athletic performance.

Choose JANMI for the best myofascial release therapy in London and experience a remarkable improvement in your post-marathon recovery and overall well-being.

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