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Targeted Myofascial Release

What is Targeted Myofascial Release?

Targeted Myofascial Release is a specialized technique within JANMI Methodology that addresses the intricate web of fascia surrounding muscles and organs.

By applying precise pressure to key points, we aim to release tension, enhance flexibility, and promote optimal movement patterns.

Benefits of Targeted Myofascial Release:

- Alleviates muscle tightness and discomfort
- Improves range of motion and flexibility
- Enhances overall body awareness
- Supports natural posture and movement

Why Choose JANMI for Targeted Myofascial Release?

Our therapists, led by founder Paulius Jurasius, bring a unique blend of expertise in soft tissue therapy and personalized exercises. Experience a holistic approach that goes beyond the physical, addressing the spiritual and evolutionary aspects of well-being.

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