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The three most common ways we can hurt our backs when working from home

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Back pain brought on while using a computer is a very common issue, and somewhere between 60 and 80 percent of people at some stage. The number of instances rises in those working from home because of improperly adjusted desks, chairs, keyboards etc. Essentially, back pain is caused, when thinking of computer use, is due to bad posture.

Of course, the chances of developing back injuries or pain is higher for some people than it is for others – conditions such as osteoporosis can raise the risk factor, for instance. There are several ways we can hurt our backs, that can be linked with computer use, three of the more common of which are outlined here.

Working with a laptop on your bed

Working in bed is going to ruin your sleep pattern, chiefly because you will start to associate the bedroom with administrative duties rather than relaxation. But more importantly, in terms of back health, the bed gives no support for the body (it’s not supposed to) More often than not, people working in this way will end up hunched up which is going to cause pain and strain in the back.

Simply put, working on or in a bed is going to make the back curve into a C shape from the neck to the lower back, which is going to put a strain on both and everything in between. In short, for risk-free working don't work from your bed.

Working at the dining table

For those that do not have an actual desk in the home, the dining table is going to be where the work is going to be done. It sometimes the best option too, under the circumstances, as dining chairs have backs to them and they are not too low. They are however missing a few important elements.

Dining chairs are not designed for office work, meaning there is no lumbar support so it is difficult to sit straight. People working this way are going to find themselves slouching which is going to make the middle of the back, and the lumbar vertebra hurt.

Working on the sofa

Lots of people switch from working at the dining table to the sofa because it looks more comfortable. The trouble is, working on a laptop on the sofa can be much worse because you are putting undue strain on the shoulder blades, upper back and lower spine (the lumbar vertebra). This effect is going to be exacerbated if the sofa is particularly deep because it will be that much harder to maintain spine support.

The lower back is likely to start hurting first when working while sitting on the sofa because of the total lack of support for the spine.

All three of these back pain-inducing situations can cause effects that last for weeks, or even longer if the pain and eventual injuries go untreated and the working situations don't improve. Treatment is though relatively simple to obtain. One of our expert physical therapists can help, with a simple booking form.

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