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Alleviating Computer Elbow with JANMI Trigger Point Therapy

JANMI trigger point therapy session on elbow

Dear Reader,

As the founder of JANMI and a dedicated practitioner, I've encountered numerous clients struggling with the persistent ache of computer elbow, a common affliction in our digital age. Today, I want to share how our specialized JANMI Trigger Point Therapy can not only alleviate this discomfort but also enhance your overall arm function, allowing you to return to your daily activities with ease.

Understanding Computer Elbow

Computer elbow, often equated with tennis elbow, arises not from the tennis courts, but from the repetitive strain of mouse clicks and keyboard use. This condition manifests as pain around the elbow's outer part, extending to the forearm and wrist, making simple tasks surprisingly painful.

Identifying Common Trigger Points

The primary culprits in computer elbow are the trigger points located in the forearm muscles. These knots can cause sharp pain and tenderness that radiates, making every touch and movement a challenge.

1. Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis (ECRB) - This muscle, when overused, harbors trigger points that significantly contribute to the pain and stiffness associated with computer elbow.

2. Supinator Muscle - Involved in rotating the forearm, this muscle can develop trigger points that exacerbate pain, especially when turning a door handle or shaking hands.

How JANMI Trigger Point Therapy Helps

At JANMI, our approach to treating computer elbow involves a holistic blend of deep-tissue massage, targeted exercises, and self-care strategies tailored to relieve these trigger points and restore muscle balance.

Personalized Massage Techniques

Our therapists apply precise pressure to the affected muscles, skillfully releasing the tension and knots. This not only soothes the immediate pain but also initiates a healing response in the tissue, encouraging recovery.

Tailored Exercise Regiment

We complement our massages with personalized exercises designed to strengthen the forearm muscles, increase flexibility, and prevent future injuries. These exercises ensure that once the trigger points are treated, they do not return with your next session at the computer.

The JANMI Promise

As you entrust your care to us, my promise to you is a commitment to excellence and a personal investment in your health and well-being. Our goal is not just to treat your symptoms but to equip you with the knowledge and tools for lasting health.


If you're battling the discomfort of computer elbow, let JANMI help you regain your comfort and functionality. Remember, at JANMI, your health is our priority, and through our expertly crafted Trigger Point Therapy, your recovery is just around the corner.

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