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Embracing the Restorative Strength of Nature: The Distinctive Training Approach of JANMI

People training in nature

Greetings to our wellness community,

Today, I’d like to share a glimpse into the unique training routine that forms the core of the JANMI Method – a routine that blends advanced manual therapy techniques with the raw, healing power of nature.

My Daily Routine: A Dance with Nature

As the founder of JANMI, I have developed a special training routine that I practice daily, either in my backyard in Bromley or at one of the local parks. This 10-15 minute routine is a blend of:

Barefoot walks, connecting directly with the earth

Pull-ups on tree branches, embracing nature's resilience

Push-ups and squats on the grass, absorbing the energy of the soil

Lunges and hip hinges, syncing with nature’s rhythm

Trunk rotations, mirroring the fluidity of the natural world.

The Philosophy Behind the Routine

At JANMI, I believe that our souls are temporarily housed within our organic molecular structure – our bodies. To maintain a harmonious balance, these molecules need to resonate at the same intensity as those found in the natural world. This is why, in the JANMI Method, a manual therapist is more than just a healer; he is a conduit between raw nature and our clients.

Connecting You to Nature’s Healing Power

As your therapist, my routine in nature doesn’t just keep me grounded and balanced; it allows me to channel nature’s healing energy directly into the advanced manual therapy techniques I offer you.

I invite you to experience the transformative power of the JANMI Method, where nature's healing force is at the heart of my approach.

Embrace the balance,

Paulius Jurasius

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