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How Neuromuscular Therapy Tackles Morning Aches

JANMI therapist treating client's back muscles

Hello there,

It’s Paulius from JANMI, nestled right in the heart of Marylebone. Are you waking up to back pain each morning? You’re not alone, and it’s not how you should start your day. Today, we dive deep into a common yet often overlooked culprit: the serratus posterior inferior muscle, and how your lifestyle might be tightening its grip on your comfort.

Morning Blues: The Serratus Posterior Inferior Connection

The serratus posterior inferior might not be a muscle you hear about every day. Located deep in the lower back, it plays a pivotal role in your movements and, yes, your morning pain. But why does it trouble you right after you wake up? Let’s unwrap this mystery.

Link Between Sedentary Lifestyles and Back Pain

In our modern world, sedentary lifestyles are more common than ever. Long hours sitting at desks, bending over smartphones, or lounging on sofas can lead to chronic postural strain. The serratus posterior inferior, tasked with aiding in respiration and helping you bend, can become strained and fatigued. Over time, this results in stiffness and pain that greets you each morning.

Did You Know?

- Surprising Fact: The serratus posterior inferior can affect your breathing. Tightness here can make deep breaths feel restricted.

- Little-known Reality: This muscle often masquerades its discomfort, referring pain to areas like the ribs or even mimicking kidney pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy: A Game Changer

Here at JANMI, we specialize in neuromuscular therapy massage, a technique not just about relieving pain but about understanding its root cause. How does it help your morning back pain? By:

- Releasing Muscle Tension: Targeted techniques help release the tight spots in your serratus posterior inferior, reducing stiffness.

- Improving Blood Flow: Enhanced circulation helps heal muscle tissues faster, easing those morning aches.

- Correcting Postural Habits: We also focus on your habits. Neuromuscular therapy isn’t a standalone treatment; it’s a holistic approach that includes educating you on maintaining optimal posture throughout your day.

Why Choose JANMI for Neuromuscular Therapy in Marylebone?

Choosing JANMI means opting for expertise and personalized care. Here’s why we stand out:

- Expertise and Precision: Our therapists are not only skilled in general massage techniques; they are trained experts in neuromuscular therapy, with a deep understanding of body mechanics.

- Tailored Therapeutic Plans: Each session at JANMI is customized. We assess your posture, lifestyle, and pain points before crafting a therapy plan that addresses your specific needs.

- Focus on Education: We empower you with knowledge about your body and how to keep it pain-free. This education is crucial for long-term relief.

JANMI: Your Partner in Pain-Free Mornings

Tired of starting your day with discomfort? It’s time to experience the benefits of neuromuscular therapy at JANMI in Marylebone. We’re dedicated to not just treating your symptoms but ensuring they don’t return.

Thank you for stopping by our blog. Remember, at JANMI, your health and comfort are our priorities. Book your session today and wake up to better mornings!

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