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Two most common causes of knee pain while working from home

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Knee pain most often associated with people that lead active lifestyles such as runners and cyclists. That being said, just because you do not get up at the crack of dawn to run a half marathon does not mean that knee pain cannot afflict you too.

Your knees carry a lot of your body weight and they are used a lot, every single day, so even those that lead relatively sedentary lifestyles will still need to look after their knees. For those working from home, sitting in the wrong position for long periods can be rough on the knees and so can simply sitting too much.

Improper sitting position or furniture

While working from home, you need the right furniture. If you are not using properly designed and ergonomic office furniture or your office furniture is not in the right position or height then you could be in trouble.

You could find yourself with knee pain and stiffness due to trying to maintain an awkward seated position for your body. Some positions are harder on the knees than others and pain is normally caused by having a chair too low, or having the knees bent for too long.

Knee injuries caused by kneeling

This kind of knee injury is often known as preacher's knee, or sometimes housemaid's knee. More technically it is either a kind of prepatellar bursitis or pretibial bursitis. These types of injury happen the small liquid-filled sacs that cushion the knee joint becomes irritated, due to the act of excessive kneeling.

If you find that you are often kneeling on the floor, digging through files and folders for example, then you are being excessively hard on your knees.

How to tell if you are hard on your knees

There is a rather simple way to tell if someone is suffering from anterior knee pain. It is quite easy to spot what is called the Theatre Sign. If someone is in discomfort when sitting in a theatre, as an example, they will stick their knee out to the side, into the aisle. This takes the pressure off the knee joint and helps to relieve the pain.

Are you the person that sticks your leg out to the side when you are sitting? This may well be a sign that you have an anterior knee injury. This type of injury is quite common and there are a variety of possible causes. 'Anterior knee pain' is often used interchangeably with 'patellofemoral pain syndrome' but these are not necessarily the same thing.

Managing your knee pain

Your doctor will be able to help with pain management, and depending on the severity of your injury or pain, they will quite likely encourage therapeutic exercise and stretching. You will be able to get the very best help and advice right here at Janmi Soft Tissue Therapy, with regards to physical therapy.

We have some of the very best physiotherapists in the country here at Janmi, and they can help in either a face to face or remote capacity. Get in touch with us today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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